E-Check Payments

All eCheck payments use the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network and are covered by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) rules. If you have chosen to pay by “eCheck”, you have or will authorize us to debit or credit your bank account using the ACH network. You may revoke this authorization at any time.

Revoking an authorization - If this is a single payment transaction, you must revoke your authorization prior to accepting these Terms and Conditions and prior to finalizing payment. To revoke authorization, simply choose another method of payment or leave the website prior to clicking the “Confirm Payment” button on the payment page. However, if you accept these terms and conditions and click “Confirm Payment”, then you must request a refund for any payments already made. If you have authorized eCheck payments for a series of payments, you may revoke this authorization at any time prior to the next scheduled payment by contacting the Government Window support team at 1-877-575-7233 (toll-free).

Debits and Credits - By accepting these terms and conditions and choosing to “Confirm Payment” using eCheck, you are authorizing us to debit and credit your bank account. A debit is a deduction from your account to pay the bill you have chosen to pay on line using this web site. A credit is use to put money in your account and will only be used to issue a refund when necessary and after approval.

Printed Receipt - For all eCheck transactions, you will receive an electronic confirmation number and/or receipt, and will also be given the option of saving or printing the receipt from the website. We strongly recommend you do so for your protection and records.